How do I make a Business Object shareable with other Objects?

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How can a previous version of a Business Object be exported to file (archived) and then potentially re-imported in order to effectively restore that version as the current version?


To export any previous version of a Business Object use the Object Studio (or Process Studio).

Select two Business Objects (or Processes) to compare using the "Compare Business Objects" (or "Compare Processes") function. You can choose to compare two objects/processes from the database or compare a stored version with one that you have already saved to XML file. You can select the same object/process for comparison, if you wish to restore a previous version of one object, for example.

When the Business Object/Process Comparison screen opens you will be able to select either of the items, and then in the File menu you can use the "Export Left Side" or "Export Right Side" functions to save your object to an XML file.