How do I share Processes and Objects created by one user with other users?

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Version 4.2

When a Blue Prism Business Object's actions are published they are stored in the database. These objects are available to all users who are connected to the same database. Users who log into the same Connection will see the same Objects and Processes because they will be connected to the same database.

If users are connecting to different databases (via different Connections) then they will not see the same Objects and Processes. They will only see the ones that have been imported or create and saved in the current connected database.

To share Process and Objects with users who are using different Connections we recommend that you export the Processes and Objects using Release Manager, and create a release package (.bprelease file) which can be imported.

Alternatively, Process and Objects can be exported to XML format using the Export function and then re-imported by other users. This method is often used when transferring Processes and Objects between environments (e.g. from Development to Test).

Version 5.0

In addition to the information provided above Version 5.0 introduces the concept of "model sharing". This is the ability to share the Object Model of an existing Object. This can be configured when first creating the Object Model using the

Application Modeler: